Jack Ryan “Blue Gold”

On the one hand, kudos to Jack Ryan for making Boat Guy, unlike Drone Guy, integral to the overall plot from the looks of things.

On the other hand, I still don’t much care what happens to Boat Guy, making him more or less equal in my eyes to Drone Guy.

Maybe season three will give us, I dunno, Pilot Guy.  You know, combine the two.

Boat Guy, you see, found what the other CIA operatives took to be a native village high in the mountains.  It isn’t that.  It’s some kind of prison camp, possibly where the bad guys, whoever they are, are mining a rare mineral that mostly comes from China and is required for pretty much all of the world’s electronic computer stuff.  You know, a valuable rare mineral.  Of course, that’s just a guess based on something Greer said in this episode when he wasn’t trying to hook up Gloria Bonalde with some off-the-books security help after someone sent her a bullet.

That’s not subtle, bad guys in Venezuela.

Now, granted, I don’t see why I’d want to go to one of Bonalde’s campaign rallies, but…wait, I have no way to finish that thought.  I get it.  She’s popular and actually for the people and maybe a little sweet on Greer though her missing/dead husband has something to do with whatever Reyes is doing.

With that in mind, let’s check in on the fallout from Jack’s horrible trip to London.  Harry, really, is not someone we should listen to since she’s probably not being straight with anybody.  She has some connection to the one-eyed man in that they were once…very close.  One-eyed Parkour Expert taught her everything she knows about being an efficient asshole…I mean secret agent.  And now he’s a free agent who goes around killing people, but apparently he has a daughter in London going to college, and she may not know what he does.

Too bad the English agents in MI5 want to deport her.  Jack, he’s just been disarmed.  Neither really follow those orders, though in Harry’s case, it comes from when her escort overseeing her departure is shot in the head by One-Eyed Parkour Expert.

Eh, One-Eye’s name is Max.  That’s shorter.  I’ll stick to that from here.

Anyway, Jack sneaks around, goes through a dead guy’s computer, gets some help hacking from Chidi Anagonye, and really wants to talk to Max and find out what Reyes hired him for.

Harry, for her trouble, goes to Jack when Max more or less says he’s going to kill Jack.  Jack and Max opt to at least talk to Max’s daughter, but Max is smart, follows the pair, and when Harry goes off on her own, he shoots her twice and takes her prisoner to force Jack out.

Jack does the same with Max’s daughter to get a trade going.  Jack, now, he’s been underestimating this whole family, proven when the daughter stabs Jack in the arm with a small knife her dad gave her earlier in the episode.  But, Jack got a gun at some point, and the exchange starts to happen:  information for Max’s daughter.  Jack has no interest in anything more than some knowledge.  About all Jack learns from Max, before Max tries to shoot Jack, is that Max may not have been working for Reyes.

Wait, are we gonna learn the real master villain isn’t Reyes but that sidekick of his that Greer is trying to convince to defect?  Because that would be outright silly.

Oh, and Max doesn’t shoot Jack because Harry shoots Max in the head first.  Then she waits for the cops to show up with Max’s daughter, so I guess she won’t be appearing on this show again.  Fine.  Can we get Cathy back?  I liked her as a love interest better.

Oh, and while the other operatives are close to Boat Guy, so are a much larger squad of Venezuelan commandos.  That will probably suck for a lot of people.

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