Doctor Who “The Leisure Hive Part 2”

Oh crap!  That tachyon gizmo is pulling the Doctor into separate pieces!  Can Romana get him out in time, especially with the Argolians coming in to arrest the both of them?

Um, no.

But the Doctor is fine because it was all an illusion.


Well, this would be a bad time for the Doctor and Romana since there’s a dead human scientist and they don’t have any ID.  But the planet’s current ruler, Mena, wants to get their help first.  See, the radioactive war means all the people of Argolia will live out for a while before they suddenly grow very old and die.  Also, they’re all sterile now.  Mena appears to be dying, and that other Earth scientist Hardin has a gadget that can maybe utilize tachyons to reverse the aging process and save the people of Argolia.

That sounds promising.

Plus, since someone was sabotaging the Leisure Hive’s equipment, the Doctor seems like a good guy to maybe fix things.

There’s just one problem:  Hardin knows full well his device doesn’t work, but shady financier Stimson wants Hardin to fake it because he may be the designated dick for this serial.

Or it would be the lizard man who murders him and frames the Doctor not long after that.

Yeah, the lizard man is the dick.

But Hardin, he may be OK since he confesses to Romana the devise doesn’t work.  And since she’s basically a good person, she opts to help him perfect it, a task the two seem to succeed at.

After they leave, the hourglass they were testing suddenly gets a lot older.

But the Doctor is on trial for murder (again for all I know), and he may get this planet’s version of the Chair (again, for all I know).  Fortunately, Mena doesn’t seem too inclined to kill him, and Hardin’s device working changes everyone’s mind, with the Doctor offering to be the test subject.

That would be when Romana sees the shattered hourglass and rushed back to save the Doctor.  But now he’s a doddering old man…

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