Altered Carbon “I Wake Up Screaming”

So, there’s a subplot here where Governor Harlan takes over Harlan’s World by tricking the ruling council into giving her supreme power under Marshall law, and then she puts the lot of them under house arrest, probably because those people whose names I don’t know are kinda stupid.  But nothing involving the governor interests me much, so I won’t say anything more about it this time.

Instead, let’s look at how there are now, apparently, two Kovacs.  There’s the one we’ve been following since the show started, and there’s the new one who may or may not be another Kovacs but is defintely in what looks like the original Kovacs body.  Carrera, or Jaeger if you prefer but I don’t, calls him something like “the Wedge” in this episode, so I’ll use that name for now.

And this is where things are going badly.  See, Kovacs wants to fix Quell, and he somehow convinces Trepp to go along because she wants to find his brother, and Quell’s popping up reignite the latent rebellion on Harlan’s World.  The only Founder left is the old man they named the place after, Konrad Harlan, but no one has seen that guy in years.  He apparently had his consciousness uploaded to a virtual reality or something, and Poe wants to seem useful again, so he goes there to find him.

He doesn’t really succeed, but the simulation has stuff that keeps wilting away and dying as he touches it…except for two people, an initial host and what looks like his long lost friend and patient Lizzy Elliot.  Eventually, Poe realizes the utopia is a lie and touches a hedge maze and brings the whole place down before going back to the hotel to fix Ms. Dig.

Ms. Dig had an unfortunate run-in with he Wedge and his goons.  They wanna know where Kovacs is.  She won’t say, and even resists her override codes.  Why do AIs have so much loyalty to Kovacs?  That may be the best question no one has yet bothered to answer.

Regardless, Kovacs, Trepp, and Quell headed out of town to find answers and maybe cure her.  Trepp knows where they can get supplies:  raid her dad’s place.

Said dad was a bad dad, but he tries to save his kids when Wedge shows up by not saying anything.  That gets him killed…permanently.  Doesn’t matter.  Wedge knows where they went:  tunnels outside the city that were important to Kovacs and the Envoy Uprising.

That would be where Quell asks Trepp to kill her if Quell starts doing weird stuff again, and the group finds some weird glowing tree roots that may or may not be ordering Quell to kill the Founders.

It’s neither here nor there for Kovacs.  He goes topside and gets to meet…well, himself.  There’s some dialogue in there about how Wedge may actually also be Kovacs because of something called “double stacking” which is illegal unless one of these guys dies.

And they fight, and Kovacs looks like he may have an edge…until Wedge throws him off a tall cliff into the clouds below.  So, the real question is:  can Kovacs pull  a Wile E. Coyote and walk away from that?

Probably not, but there are three episodes left this season, so I’m guessing he isn’t dead just yet.

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