Vikings “Valhalla Can Wait”

Well, after two episodes where big things happened, we’re back to another one that feels like it’s just waiting for something.

Like, let’s say Bjorn swore to punish the person responsible for his mother’s death.  Do we get an episode or a few scenes of Bjorn investigating the murder?  Nope!  He knows Hvitserk did it and puts his drunken, personality-free idiot brother on trial, sentencing him to death.

And then, at the last minute, as the pyre Hvitserk is standing on burns around him, Ubbe cuts Hvitserk free.  So, Ubbe is going to stand up to Bjorn?


Bjorn decided Hvitserk wanted to die and instead, sentences Hvitserk to exile.  Because that hasn’t bitten him in the ass once already.

Then again, Gunnhild finds Bjorn in bed with, you know, that other bland woman.  “Other bland woman” on Vikings is a bit too broad of a description, true, but that happens.  Do we get more fireworks?  Nah!  Gunnhild recommends pologamy.

Is there any drama left?

Sure, we have stuff with Ivar and Oleg, and there’s a Rus raid on a small fishing village, the long survivor going somewhere for help.

He goes to Harald.

Well, this is what happens when you want to be king of Norway.  People expect you do to stuff, like fight the Rus that are probably leading an invasion.  It isn’t all making promises you won’t keep.

Then again, Ubbe and Torvi leave for Iceland with Flatnose, so maybe they decided to get while the gettin’ was good.  All this nothin’ happenin’ was bound to lead to me wondering if something was comin’ or not.

I mean, it’s probably coming, but again, this series should not have twenty episode seasons.

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