Doctor Who “The Horns Of Nimon Part 3”

You know, I don’t see why the Nimon is such a big threat.  They have to bend over to shoot their horn blasts, and they can’t hold their arms to their sides.  Plus, I don’t think they see very well just judging by what happens in this episode.

But I may be getting ahead of myself.

See, we saw the Nimon kill that dick the Co-Pilot and then turn his attention to Romana and the teenage tributes.  What could get ugly is interrupted by the Doctor showing up and using a red scarf to distract the bull-headed alien out of the way.  That allows Romana and the two hostages that had a speaking part to make a run for it while the remaining five stand there scared.  The Doctor catches up later, but the maze doesn’t help because it changes around as you stand in it.

This is the unflappable Fourth Doctor.  If he can’t get out, he’ll go deeper in.  Romana did grab the Co-Pilot’s ray gun before they fled for it.  Sure enough, the Doctor is starting to figure things out.  For example, the complex he’s in, as seen from the air, looked like a positronic circuit, and that black hole could just be a gateway from somewhere else.  Or to somewhere else.  A gate can go two ways, ya know.

Point is, the group finds a lab of some kind full of what probably looked like state-of-the-art or better computer systems in 1979.  The Doctor sends the kids off to keep an eye on things while he and Romana try to figure out what all the equipment does, and then he pulls out his whistle to call K9.

At about that time, Soleed and his guards are trying to break into the TARDIS without much luck.  K9 popping out is a bit of a surprise, as is what happens when a guard shoots K9.  That would be K9 stunning the guard.  But Soleed’s wizard staff is apparently tougher, and he takes down K9 to study in his lab.

Now, if you think Soleed might be the latest in a long line of Doctor Who villains that maybe didn’t think things all the way through…you are probably right.  As a guard points out, it seems a bit off that the Nimon, a not-particularly friendly fellow, is giving Skonnan all kinds of technology without asking for anything in return.  Soleed doesn’t think so and opts to go into that labyrinth of the Nimon’s to…

Wait…bull-headed alien man…tributes…a labyrinth…this story seems a bit familiar.

Regardless, Soleed goes inside to talk to the Nimon.

That would be about the same time the Doctor, Romana, and the two teens are hiding from the Nimon and not being very stealthy about it.  See, the Doctor realized the Nimon’s horns are actually antenna and there’s something going on in that room.  And he’s right.  The Nimon does some stuff, a chamber opens, a metal ball appears, and two more Nimon get out.

It looks like the Nimon are getting ready to do a full-scale invasion of Skonnan.  That would be bad for anyone already living there.  And sure, two at a time may not seem like much, but they can build more gates and increase their migration exponentially.

But there is an advantage of having a second genius around.  Romana can check the metal ball while the Doctor checks the computers.  But then two things go wrong.  First, the Doctor accidentally zaps Romana to the other side of the gate.  Second, Soleed shows up and blasts the computer with his wizard staff because he’s the serial’s secondary dick villain.

Point is, Romana is a bit far from the TARDIS.

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