Altered Carbon “Shadow Of A Doubt”

Hey!  It’s one of my favorite character actors, Neal McDonough!  He always plays crazy guys!  Who is he here?  Konrad Harlan?  Founding settler of Harlan’s World?

Is he gonna have more than one line this season because otherwise, that is such a waste.

Then again, I did realize why I like Poe and now Miss Dig so much:  they aren’t corrupt or assholes like, oh, everybody else.  Dig calls Kovacs an asshole in this episode, and I have a hard time disagreeing with her.  And that comes about because Kovacs basically replaced the broken Poe with Dig.  Granted, Dig is a sweetheart and may have a way to save Poe’s memories so he can reboot without worrying about losing all the memories he wants to keep.

See?  These are likable people, and since they’re computer programs, they aren’t even people.  I know Altered Carbon is probably supposed to be some kind of sci-fi noir, so these people aren’t supposed to be paragons of virtue, nor do I require all my protagonists to be likable people, but it helps when they are.

What about the other characters here?

Kovacs?  He makes a deal with a crime lord to get himself and Quell off-world that almost works.  The crime lord even gets the permission just by crashing the governor’s Harlan’s Day party and by suggesting he’ll be sticking around unless he gets them.  So, all Kovacs cares about is Quell, and Poe can go to hell or something.

Oh yeah, Quell is killing people.  Sure, Kovacs figured out she’s targeting the founders of Harlan’s World, and she doesn’t have any control over it.  But she is the one who invented the stacks, and they may have been intended for stuff like space exploration, but I have an issue there:  see, it isn’t her fault the tech was exploited badly, but these things are made by melting down the artifacts from a long lost alien civilization, and…wouldn’t those things be more valuable intact?  Besides, she can barely remember who she is, and that’s a problem.  She’s a victim right now, so I won’t harp on the character too hard, but I don’t yet see much of a reason to root for her.

Trepp might be OK, but she is a bounty hunter who keeps threatening Kovacs.

Colonel Carrera?  Oh, his original name was Jaeger.  He likes torturing people.  And he has a secret weapon.  Then again, he and the Governor are not exactly on the same side.

See, the woman Carrera is interrogating by pulling her teeth gets some interest when the woman, the same one who helped Quell and Kovacs escape, says she was helping her not him, and that Governor Harlan is doing…something else with the war.  But then before Carrera can learn anything more, she’s taken away by the Governor’s people, strapped to a rocket, and blown up in a fireworks display.

Um, wow.

Oh yeah, and Carrera’s secret weapon seems to be someone in Kovacs’s original body.

See?  Hard to root for a human on this show even if people like Kovacs just aren’t as bad as the Carreras and Harlans of the world.

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