Doctor Who “Nightmare Of Eden Part 3”

The Doctor and Romana have been accused of smuggling drugs that shouldn’t exist anymore.

I’m sure they’ll be fine.

For the time being, they’re hiding in the other-dimensional pocket that Professor Tryst made from the planet Eden.  That would be the one where Tryst’s one associate Stott supposedly died.

Well, he’s not dead.  He’s in the Eden zone.  And the monsters running around the two ships come from Eden.  They’re called Mandrels.  Also, Stott was not a drug dealer as Tryst suggested he was.  Quite the opposite:  Stott is an undercover agent checking Tryst out.  Fortunately, he has a ray gun to scare the Mandrels off.  Or stun them.  Maybe kill them,  I don’t know,  Mandrels are tough.

They’re also running around the merged ships, attacking and killing everyone in their path while Captain Riggs is still high as a kite.  Local security thinks the Doctor and Romana need to be brought in.  Riggs is in trouble but doesn’t care.  And Tryst, well, he keeps plotting with the captain of the survey ship.

As it is, Stott can exit the zone anywhere on the ships, meaning he was the guy the Doctor chased in the previous episode.  Stott takes the Doctor and Romana to the power unit, finding K9, and the Doctor now has a plan to separate the two ships.  Sure, a Mandrel is there, and the Doctor does find a way to take it out permanently…after he sends all his allies away.  K9 has to go through an unstable zone to run a ray gun.  Romana has to go the bridge.  Stott has to monitor somewhere else.  And the Doctor ends up having to electrocute the Mandrel on his own.

Huh.  In death, Mandrels turn into that weird drug the Doctor was tracking.  How convenient…

Anyway, Romana does flip the switch she has to at the right time despite knowing full well the guards aren’t interested in bringing her and the Doctor in anything other than probably dead and one guard is threatening her.

Does the Doctor’s plan work?  Maybe.  He seems to cease to exist as the ships maybe separate.  Is the show going to be called Romana and K9 from here on out?

Probably not.

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