Doctor Who “Nightmare Of Eden Part 2”

Monsters coming through holes and Romana unconscious…what a mess this all has been!

Good thing the Doctor is generally on top of things, even if for the first time in who knows how long someone is actually questioning who he is and how he got there.

Well, one of those problems isn’t too bad, as K9 can easily blast the monster back and then weld the hole shut.  As for Romana, Tryst’s assistant Della helps her out, but someone drugs Romana’s drink.

Fortunately, she doesn’t drink it!

Unfortunately, she gives the drink to Captain Rigg.  He does drink it.  As such, he isn’t all that helpful when the Doctor comes up with a plan to maybe separate the ships.  It involves sending K9 into an unstable zone.  K9 spends the rest of the episode there, and at one point, he’s surrounded by monsters.

Lousy monsters.

However, the Doctor does see a mysterious hooded man in shades and chases him around the passenger liner, eventually following the man into another unstable zone where he’s jumped first by the guy and then by yet another monster.  The Doctor manages to get out to where Romana is, and a mystery man blasts the monster away, but there are other problems.

Like Tryst’s CET gadget that isn’t very stable.  Sure, he says he’ll turn it off, but then he doesn’t.  And he wants to blame Della for the drug smuggling when Riggs, high, suggests the Doctor is a narcotics agent.

Of course, the Doctor isn’t, and when a real pair of agents show up and find traces of the drug on the Doctor (for the sample he found that someone later stole), he and Romana make a run for it, opting to try hiding in CET’s sample from the planet Eden, the place where Della’s friend apparently died.

Yeah, well, it may be unstable, but at least no one is gonna arrest them in there.

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