Jack Ryan “Orinoco”

Huh.  So, it appears that Boat Guy might actually do something important here.  Unlike Drone Guy, he’s tied into the plot a bit more directly, and we get a sense of who he is without the sense that he’s just there to fill time for the episode count.  Plus, he gets the codename “Uber” since he’s just the driver who can even repair the boat after a parachute drop into enemy territory.

Oh, I’m still going to call him Boat Guy.  I like that name better.

But yeah, we need Boat Guy.  Boat Guy can fix and drive boats.  After Jack and Greer don’t find anything while searching a bad guy’s trailer, they decide to take a boat ride down river to find a place where President Reyes may or may not be smuggling weapons.

Reyes has his own problems because his opponent Gloria Bonalde might actually win the upcoming election.  She’s got, like, rallies of true believers.  What does Reyes have?

That’s a good question.  I’m not sure he has anything, and I am a bit surprised to see he isn’t actively rigging the vote ahead of the election.  So far, the only thing he has are thugs and killers who can hide even after Jack stabs one in the leg and eye, injuries you’d think you could find somewhat easily.

Anyway, with all that out of the way, it’s time for a boat ride with Boat Guy and those merry CIA sneaks with much cooler codenames than “Uber”.  The plan is simple:  sneak into the camp at night, look around, get lost, and have Boat Guy drive everyone out of there.  But this is TV, so it has to go wrong in some way or another.

And here’s how:  Jack decides to look around a bit more than they should have when they don’t find anything right away.  A guard catches him, but fortunately the others show up and get some needed info from said guard by, among other tactics, cutting a finger off.  That guy can join the newly one-eyed man in disappearing later.  But there’s some shooting, Boat Guy gets off the boat to help, and then doesn’t get back when the others return.  Sure, they’ll go back for Boat Guy and Greer tells Jack about his heart condition, but still, Boat Guy is missing.

Have you seen our Boat Guy?

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