Weekend Trek “The Jihad”

So, here we are at the end of the first season of the Animated Series, with only a six episode second season up after this one.  And, well, this one is a little weird.

Come to think of it, “a little weird” could describe half of the episodes in the Animated Series.

See, Kirk and Spock, and only Kirk and Spock, were summoned to another planet by the oldest known space-faring race.  That wolf-like alien has called together some oddballs for a special quest.  An item called the “Soul of Skorr” was stolen and taken to a notoriously unstable planet.  The wolf aliens apparently can’t go get it, but if it isn’t found soon, the bird people of Skorr will lead a holy war against, oh, everybody.

To that end, there’s a merry crew to go find the Soul of Skorr.  First up, there’s Tchar, the crown prince of Skorr.  There’s a lizard man named Sord, and he’s their muscle.  The team lockpick is a self-confessed coward, a caterpillar man named M3 Green.  And there’s a human woman named Lara, a tracker who can’t get lost and will spend most of the episode very bluntly coming on to Kirk.  Kirk is there for his leadership and Spock for his mind.  They’re the fourth such group to go looking onto this unpopulated, unstable planet.

So, a prince, a thief, a tracker, the muscle, a Vulcan, and Kirk are going on an epic quest in unknown territory to find a lost treasure.  How is this not a Dungeons and Dragons campaign?

And, you know, it turns out that landing on an unstable planet is really dangerous, but everyone seems to have a purpose.  Lara can just know where the Soul is, Tchar can fly overhead and keep an eye on things, Spock can notice things, Green unlocks a door, and Sord carries stuff.  Kirk makes command decisions, including asking everyone if they want to rest a bit after Green finally opens a door for what seemed to me like no reason.  By then, it’s clear that there’s a traitor in the group.

It’s Tchar, the guy who got carried off by robot monsters.  He wants to go to war with, oh, everybody.  Yes, Spock promises the warrior races of the Federation will…

…wait, what races are those?  The Andorans?

Never mind.

With the gravity turned off, surely the bird man can prevail when phasers are a bad idea?

Nah.  Kirk and Spock routinely practice Zero-G Combat, and with each man wrestling the bird man and Kirk hooking his foot around the Soul, they can all go back to the Wolf Woman, where she promises that Tchar will get some mental health treatment.  Oh, and there’s no reward, they can’t tell anybody, and when Kirk and Spock return to the Enterprise, Sulu–the only other regular character in the episode–says they were only gone for two minutes.  Kirk and Spock decide to lie about where they went, but the wolf alien said they eventually won’t remember either.

Question:  why exactly couldn’t a race of beings that powerful find the Soul on their own?  Even if the planet, where spontaneous blizzards and volcanic eruptions just happen, is too hazardous, I still don’t see why they couldn’t get it, but then we have no episode with Kirk and Spock wrestling a bird-man in mid-air and I think I just answered my own question.

Be back next time when we’ll probably be dealing with pirates or ninjas or something.

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