Voltron: Legendary Defender “The Colony”

It’s about damn time…

Yes, it’s about damn time we learned that Lotor really is evil.  That took far too long.

See, while Allura and Lotor are taking one of those special ships out to explore the quintessence dimension, using the gate left over from the destruction of the Galra homeworld, the castle gets an unexpected visitor flying a very old-school Altaean pod:  Keith.

Keith says they need to stop Lotor.  Lance, noticing Keith is bigger than he used to be (or so we’re told), now has a mother since he brought Krolia along, plus that cool space wolf, wants to know if it’s the real Keith and not just his long lost big brother, but Keith tells Lance to put a sock in it, so that’s good enough for Lance.

But there’s someone else there:  an Altaean girl named Romelle.  She came from a colony world Coran didn’t know existed, and she has quite the story to tell.

Yes, after the destruction of Altaea, there were numerous Altaean survivors.  They went into hiding, but Lotor, knowing the customs from half his genealogy, found them and brought them to safety in a colony hidden near the quantum abyss.  Lotor was good to these people, so much so that they erected statues in his honor.  Then he proposed a second colony to help expand their race, and the Altaeans for the most part jumped at the chance.  Various people went off to the second colony, including Romelle’s parents.  Now, Romelle was the type to question stuff, but her kid brother wasn’t.  He accepted all the reasons behind the communications silence between the colonies, but there was something fishy going on.

Then Romelle’s brother went, giving his sister a communicator he built before his departure.  And when he finally got through to her, it was because he came back dying.  Lotor wasn’t so nice.

Cue me being shocked not at all.

Now, Romelle knew she couldn’t do much without proof, so what next?  Well, she met Keith, Krolia, and the wolf, and Keith could fly the pod.  And off to the second colony on a nearby moon they wenr where they found it was full of drained Altaeans.  Lotor was pumping them for their quintessence.

Yeah, he’s a bad’un.

And that sounds a lot like what the Big Bad in that Monsters & Mana game Coran was running was up to.

So, what about Allura?  Will she buy all this?  I mean, she actually kisses the guy when they get back.

Nope, she believes it and helps the Paladins try to arrest Lotor.  They do knock him out, but then something unexpected happens.

Shiro gets possessed by Haggar and attacks the others, dragging Lotor away to a waiting shuttle while Lotor’s former generals steal back the special quintessence-proof ships.  That means it’s time to send the Lions out, with Keith again piloting the Black Lion.  They go out, Voltron forms, and…the credits roll.

Well, never let it be said that this is a show where not much happens.  Unless there’s an ice show for some reason.

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