Weekend Trek “The Terratin Incident”

So, apparently, this episode of the Animated Series came about after Gene Roddenberry got inspired by Gulliver’s Travels, after which he wrote a one paragraph idea that became…this episode.  And one paragraph just feels about right.

I may barely say anything more than that.

It feels right because, well, not much happens.  In point of fact, I nodded off for a few minutes watching the episode late one night and missed how Kirk and Co. figured out how to no longer be tiny people.

Yes, this episode has the crew reduced in size, but not mass so they weighed the same thing or something.  And…that seems to be about it, really.

Really, this episode didn’t do all that much.  The Enterprise is scanning a cloud when they get what sounds like a distress signal from a nearby planet.  They went to see what’s what, a beam hits them, and then everything organic on the ship starts contracting.  Spock is very definitive on that.  So, how to fix that?

Well, maybe they can use the transporter to fix their height.

They totally can, and Kirk finds the transmitter on the planet’s surface and a tiny city.  The city’s inhabitants used to be regular size, but something made them smaller, and now that the planet seems to be coming apart, the whole thing was a plan to try and get help.

So, when Kirk isn’t almost stepping on Scotty or something, the transporter once again fixes someone, as only really happens on the Animated Series when someone finds his or her body mutated in some way, and Kirk ends up rescuing the whole city, ending the episode by taking it to another, more stable planet.  Everybody wins.

Basically, this was a rather standard episode of an old cartoon.  The only real action seemed to be when Nurse Chapel somehow fell into a fish tank.  I really did fall asleep for a minute or two, and I was actually debating not rewatching the parts I missed because I couldn’t bring myself to care that much.

But I did, and now I can move on to what may be the episode Trek fans hate the most.  Will I have more to say?

Eh, maybe.

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