Doctor Who “The Armageddon Factor Part 2”

Apparently, the Doctor’s great plan was to make a run for it.

The only problem is the TARDIS was buried under a pile of rubble.

Worth noting, while the Doctor would like to maybe rescue the Princess, he still has to find that Key of Time fragment.  Somehow, he, Romana, and K9 got away from the Marshall, and then when Merak shows up, the two Time Lords basically accept his reasoning for wanting to find the Princess is because he’s in love with her.

That’s rather sweet.

Well, if they can’t go forward, and if the radiation-filled chamber is missing a princess, then the only thing to do is go back.  Leaving K9 behind to check for the Princess since radiation doesn’t bother a robot dog, there only problem may be that Merak mentions there’s very little loose metal on Atrios because all metal is recycled into weapons to fight the Zeons.

That would be about when K9 gets lured onto a conveyor belt to be melted down.  Boo!

So, can the Doctor calm the Marshal or something?  It turns out, yes.  The Doctor is now acceptable if he can produce a weapon that will stop the Zeons once and for all.  Heck, the Doctor even knows of such a weapon!  It’s called “peace”.

The Marshall doesn’t accept that.  But maybe the Doctor can do something else!  Like, um, invent a forcefield that would make Atrios completely impenetrable to Zeon bombs!  Sure, it would take all the power on Atrios, especially since Zeon has some kind of shielding of its own to make the planet invisible and what weapons they have feed on the energy from Atrios, making the Zeon weapons stronger the more Atrios tries to protect itself.  Heck, the Doctor can’t even learn what makes the average Zeon tick because the Marshall doesn’t take prisoners.

The Marshall is a major dick.

Well, at least the Doctor can work on that forcefield if he can get back-up from K9.

Um, about that…

Now, the Doctor does rescue K9 before the poor doggie drops into the…wait, no he doesn’t.  The Doctor follows K9 into the metal-melting furnace and pulls the pooch out.  The Doctor is completely fine.  Even his scarf isn’t a little burnt.  K9 is.

But the Marshall said something weird.  He said the Doctor wasn’t supposed to die…yet.

Plus, Romana spotted a device implanted in the man’s neck.

Did the Marshall know the Doctor was coming?

Anyway, the Doctor has another plan.  He can maybe go to Zeon and even bring the Princess back.  That’s awfully nice of him.  And the Marshall has a trans-mat that goes directly to Zeon and…

Wait, why does only the Marshall have one?

And it’s in that chamber the Princess was stashed in and later kidnapped from?

This doesn’t add up.

Romana and Merak learn even more when they spy on the Marshall behind his mirror, where he addresses an unknown boss, promising the Time Lord is on his way, and soon said boss will have the means of time and space travel.

Wait, how did the Marshall know the Doctor was a Time Lord?

It must be trap!

Granted, the Doctor says as much to K9 before getting into the trans-mat, and even if Romana and Merak get there too late, and even if K9 says the Doctor shouldn’t go, the Doctor does go.

And some goons grab him.

Lousy goons…

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