Vikings “The Prophet”

So, Ivar made a new friend in the form of Russian Viking Prince Oleg.  Oleg wants to go take out Kattegat, and Ivar would probably love that.

But man, Oleg is a piece of work.

Essentially, Oleg has two brothers at the start of the episode.  He takes Ivar to see one, and that one ends up dying during a feast from poisoned wine.  Oleg takes a young prince, nephew to all both brothers, away because he was supposed to have custody and family court hadn’t been invented yet.

And then another brother shows up and challenges Oleg’s “prophet” title by asking Oleg if Oleg can name this guy’s new secret wife with his divine powers.

Oleg can!  Mostly because he had captured the poor girl at some point and can use her to blackmail himself and Ivar (and the nephew that Ivar seems to be playing with) to safety.

That is going to be a very tense Thanksgiving the next time that family gets together.

Anything else going on?  Yes!  Of course there is!  There’s a ship sailing into Kattegat!  It’s That Asshole Floki’s ship!  And he…isn’t on it.  Instead, Kjetill Flatnose tells everyone that asks that Iceland is great, there’s some old explorer there who saw even more land to the west, and That Asshole Floki just disappeared one night.

Ubbe believes him and wants to talk to the old explorer.

Lagertha believes That Asshole Floki is still alive somewhere.

And Bjorn kinda doubts the story, but since he’s decided to help King Finehair, then Flatnose can prove his honesty by joining the army and going with Bjorn.

That thinking checks out.

Also, the bland queen whose name I forget has a servant clearly making goo goo eyes at Bjorn, and given what show this is and we have yet another woman who somehow has a stash of modern cosmetics and skincare stuff hidden away, I am certain she and Bjorn will do the horizontal hokey pokey at some point.

Because it wouldn’t be Vikings without that sort of thing.

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