Dark “Enden Und Anfänge/Endings And Beginnings”

So, can we change history or not?

Oh, and is sure does look like Elisabeth is her own grandmother.  Why not?  It worked for Philip J. Fry even if I am not sure it works with genetics in any way.

But anyway, it’s the day of the apocalypse, and while two different Jonases try to fix things, a third makes sure it happens because…I am not sure.  He’s a bitter old man?  Probably.  Dark is still being a bit vague about whether or not young Jonas or even Stranger Jonas can change things.  I would think either of them killing himself would end Adam pretty definitively.  Neither of them seem to think of that, and both of them are still pining for Martha.

But the apocalypse happens.  From the looks of things, it happens because Katharina opens a Sic Mundus door, older Franziska and Magnus do something in 1921, older Elisabeth does the same in 2053, and Clausen opens the barrels of Dark Matter under the power plant all happening–sort of–at the same time.  Older Noah dies, younger Noah delivers a message, and Charlotte sees her daughter through a portal before everything goes boom.

Now, we do have some survivors.  Peter takes young Elisabeth to the bunker where Stranger Jonas told him they would survive.  80s Claudia takes 2020 Regina there.  I’m suspecting Charlotte got through the portal before things went bad.  Unless her going through the portal is why things went bad.  Stranger Jonas rescues Bartosz, Franziska, and Magnus with the time machine Magnus brought back from his mother’s.  Katharina might have stepped through a door to some past place before everything went bad.  And then there’s young Jonas getting to Martha.

Martha doesn’t make it, mostly because Adam for some reason shoots her.  Mostly it’s to make sure Jonas ends up like Adam.  Adam sucks.

But then there’s another Martha with a different hair style, showing up to grab Jonas just before the energy wave hits his house.  She’s not from another time.  She says she’s from another dimension.

So, can she help him change things?

Regardless, that’s all the Dark Netflix has right now.  A bit confusing at times, and the dubbed voices don’t quite work for me at times, but I am curious to see how it ends.  Unfortunately, I don’t know when that will be.  Netflix is committed to a third and final season that may be currently under production.  Until then, I need a new show for Thursdays.  I was thinking I’d go with Gotham seeing as how I am a Batman fan, but I don’t want to get too far into a five season, seventy+ episode series before Dark comes back.  I’ll need something shorter.

I guess I’ll give Into the Badlands a shot.  What’s my other option?  Finish House of Cards?  That show was boring me even before Kevin Spacey got fired.

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