Doctor Who “The Power Of Kroll Part 3”

You know, a giant squid monster is probably a real problem, especially if the guys at the refinery have a cure that’s worse than the disease, so to speak.

In the meantime, the Doctor, Romana, and Rohm-Dutt have been sentenced to death by means of the seventh ritual.  That involves tying the condemned to some scaffolding with some damp vines under a window.  When the sun comes out, the vines dry and snap the spines of the condemned.  One Swampie argued in favor of the first ritual for Romana and the Doctor (crimes unspecified) which involves dropping the condemned down a pit and then dropping rocks on them.  That sure was considerate.

The Doctor, meanwhile, asks questions about the architect who designed the window.  Turns out he knew the guy!

But as much as the three seemed doomed, Rohm-Dutt sees no harm confessing the Sons of Earth, a peace-loving environmental group that wants to help the Swampies, didn’t hire him.  Instead, Thawn over at the refinery hired him to give Thawn an excuse to take out the Swampies.

That’s a bit much even for the other two guys at the refinery.

So, what can save the Doctor?  First, a convenient storm takes away the sunlight and stops the vines from contracting.  Then he emits a high-pitched sound from his throat and shatters the window, giving the group bits of sharp glass to cut themselves free.

OK, so, they get away, right?

Well, the Doctor and Romana do.  Kroll is hungry again, and the Doctor realizes Kroll hunts through vibrations.  So, they just stand still.  Rohm-Dutt, well, he makes a run for it and Kroll grabs him.  That gives the Doctor and Romana a chance to run some more, but by then the Swampies are after them.  They do find a boat.  But then Kroll appears again, right in front of them, and nabs a Swampie for another bite to eat.

This thing looks awfully big.  Probably get a lot of calamari out of it.

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