Doctor Who “The Power Of Kroll Part 2”

Wait, if Kroll, the god the Swampies worship, is a giant squid monster, why is Romana being threatened by human-sized crab claws if the Swampies are sacrificing her to Kroll?

Because it isn’t Kroll, and the Doctor knocks the Swampie in the  Kroll costume aside without too much trouble.  Good thing the Doctor found that boat.

So, it should be worth noting there really is a Kroll.  After the Swampies scatter, taking weapons dealer Rohm-Dutt with them against his will, the Doctor swipes a Swampie bible and reads up a bit.  Kroll has appeared three times, and each time he shows up, he eats a bunch of people, and then he leaves.  The Doctor figures something happened to make Kroll very, very large, and he sleeps for long periods of time, but the methane Kroll’s body naturally produces is what that refinery is pumping up from the bog.

Well, this could lead to problems.

More problems, really.  Refinery manager Thawn believes the Doctor must be working with Rohm-Dutt, and that since the Doctor showed off a lot of scientific knowledge during his brief stay at the refinery, he must be working with the Swampies and Rohm-Dutt and he isn’t just some oddball who just popped up there one day.

You know, it sure does seem like there’s more going on here than it appears to.  The Swampies are looking to remove the “dry feet” from their world, especially since humans sent them there from the nearby Delta Magnus in the first place.  And…

Wait, that is a really strong anti-colonialist message if you look at it the right way.

Point is, the Swampies want the humans out and bought guns from Rohm-Dutt, presumably on behalf of the Sons of Earth.  But the weapons appear to be faulty, and when the Swampies try to ambush Thawn, not only does Rohm call after Thawn for what sounds like a pick-up, but the Swampies appear to be the only ones to suffer casualties.

Then again, Kroll shows up and eats one of them.  He’s…very big.

But then Kroll leaves and the Swampies grab Rohm-Dutt for, like, the seventh form of execution or something.  It sounds painful.

Meanwhile, Kroll decides to hang around the refinery and set off the sensors inside it because that’s just what giant squid monsters do.  You know, before they slip a tentacle into the refinery to eat another guy.

The Doctor and Romana, meanwhile, still looking for the lost fragment, opt to talk to the Swampies.  And that doesn’t work because, despite being very friendly and respectful, the Swampies think they’re just more dry-feet in league with the treacherous Rohm-Dutt.

Wait, does everyone thing the Doctor is working with this guy?

Moot point.  The Doctor and Romana also appear to be sentenced to the seventh ritual of Kroll.

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