Comic Review: Locke & Key Volume 3

Seeing as how the Netflix adaptation of this series dropped recently, I figured I should read a bit more of the IDW-published Locke & Key series.  Maybe it wasn’t necessarily my favorite, but it was always a good read.  If it were one of my favorites, I probably would have finished it by now.  That said, I really liked the previous two volumes, so what about the third, subtitled Crown of Shadows?

Life in the Keyhouse moves on.  Mother Nina is sliding more and more into alcoholism, and even her kids are starting to confront her about it.  Since middle daughter Kinsey removed her fears and, as a result, isn’t afraid of anything anymore, she may be more likely to do so, but oldest child Tyler, more of the type to just ignore everything and be as responsible as possible while doing what needs to be done, is starting to get concerned enough himself to say something.  Youngest child Bode just gets upset when the fighting breaks out, but it’s clear Nina is a real mess.

Besides, Bode is looking for more keys.

The real problem may be that the ghostly and ghastly Dodge, who already knows more about the keys than any of the Lockes, really wants one in particular, the Omege Key.  What does that one do?  Hard to say, but with a name like that, it can’t be good.  What keys Dodge does have lead to a rare action sequence that wouldn’t look out of place in a superhero comic.  Let’s just say it’s a good thing that the weird effects of the Keyhouse are stuff adults never remember for very long.

This volume probably plays out more on the overall consequences of Kinsey’s decision to remove her anxieties while showing how protective Ty is to the rest of the family, even Nina, while showcasing how bad Nina has it.  I still dig Joe Hill’s story, and while I don’t dislike Gabriel Rodriguez’s artwork, I still don’t think it’s a good fit for a horror story.  But this one also seemed to be a bit more superficial after the Head Key stuff that really got into much more psychological horror.  Here, it’s a lot of killer shadows.  I would have liked some more, but all I really got out of this volume is the town of Lovecraft and the Keyhouse are really freaky and weird, but I already knew that.  Still, I liked this volume more than I disliked it, so I’m sure I’ll be back for more later.

8.5 out of 10 all night benders while skipping a hospital visit.

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