Doctor Who “The Androids Of Tara Part 3”

You know, it’s not like the Doctor to just bash some woman in the head, presumably to death.  He better have a good explanation for that.

He does.  The woman wasn’t Romana or Princess Strella.  She was an android copy of Strella.  It’s a good thing there aren’t any android impersonators sitting on the Taran throne!

You know, besides the faulty one the Doctor reprogrammed until they can rescue the real Prince Reynart.  He’s not doing so well, so much so that he refuses to leave when Romana finds a way to pick a lock of her own and escape.

Granted, she does that only after Count Grendel and his besotten android builder Lamia have built a Romana android to use against the Doctor.  They send the Doctor an offer of a prisoner exchange to get Romana back if he goes to a certain bungalow at midnight alone.  Will the Doctor step into an obvious trap?

Yes, but on his own terms.  He goes at noon and brings K9.  That throws everybody off balance, but Lamia does try the Romana android that shoots an energy beam out of its…torso?  Where did that beam come out of?

Doesn’t matter.  It misses because the Doctor bent down to pat K9.

Further doesn’t matter because Grendel’s men fire on the bungalow, destroying the Romana-bot and killing Lamia.  The Doctor they miss when he steps outside, but he does have K9 blast a hole through the wall they can crawl through, and by then, the real Romana rides by on a horse and rescues the both of them.

So, this may be a problem if they can’t get the real Prince back.  Do they trust Grendel to come by and make a deal under a flag of truce?  Did they trust him before?  Why start now?  But the rules of chivalry say they have to listen, and he tries to bribe the Doctor with the crown (the Doctor cares not for crowns!) and when that doesn’t work, Grendel tosses a spear through the android Prince, permanently breaking it, and then runs into a backroom, grabs Romana, and rides off.

So, Romana was a prisoner, she escaped, and then was recaptured by the same dude before the end of the episode?

She kinda sucks at this, doesn’t she?

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