Jack Ryan “End Of Honor”

Wait, that drone operator is still on the show?  Are they actually going somewhere with this guy?

I kinda hope not.  I’m not digging anything they’ve done with him thus far.

Meanwhile, last write-up I made a crack about how Jack was somewhat at fault for not stopping that gas attack on that French church since he was busy getting to know Cathy.  And, it turns out, he feels the same way.

Stop doing that reasonable thing, Jack Ryan.

However, Jack’s obsessive observations pick up the priest, the guy whose funeral everyone was attending, had been killed in a mugging.  The whole thing must have been a set-up!  Get as many important people as possible in the church in the middle of a weekday!

So, what do you do with that information, especially now that Suleiman is putting out recruitment videos?

I mean, we still don’t know what he wants with those doctors, people who offer to help his diabetic son with a less invasive treatment, but Suleiman doesn’t want money for them.

Well, the thing he probably wants is his wife and brother back.  He doesn’t know Ali is dead, and he doesn’t know where Hanin is at all.  She’s at a refugee camp.  He’s dead.  She may offer information about her husband to get to the United States or at least Europe, but she’s too scared to say anything in case her son is also killed.  The fact that a woman asked gets through to Jack because of course it does, and that leads to the episode’s big confrontation between Jack and Suleiman.

By the by, we also get Suleiman’s backstory, and while we see he was heavily discriminated against in France, eventually taking a fall for his brother, the fact he was radicalized in prison just seems rather cliche.

Never mind.  How do Jack and Suleiman get in each others’ faces?

They don’t.  Jack realizes he can contract Suleiman though that video game chat and pretend to be Ali.  It almost works!  But then Jack doesn’t know Ali’s secret code response.

Going for broke, he does confirm he’s talking to Suleiman by telling the terrorist leader that he, Jack Ryan, knows where Suleiman’s wife is.  And it isn’t at Suleiman’s house.

Now it’s a race against time as Suleiman sends an underling to find Hanin and their daughters at that refugee camp as Jack and Greer fly to Turkey to do the same.

Of course, by then, Hanin has sold all her jewelry to get herself and her girls smuggled to Europe.  They aren’t there anymore.

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