Dark “Ein Unendlicher Kreis/An Endless Cycle”

Wow.  After most of season two pops around different time periods multiple times per episode, most of this episode is set in a single day in a single time period.

Well, aside from a quick scene at the end where Adam is saying everything is going according to plan, and he has older versions of Magnus and Franziska working for him.

Yes, we’re back to 2019, just before Michael Kahnwald, onetime Mikkel Nielsen, committed suicide.  And…this is a weird time.

I mean, Hannah and Katharina are, like, friends.

Hannah may or may not care for Michael, but she hasn’t shacked up with Ulrich on the side yet.  That…comes by the end of the episode.

Also, Magnus spots Franzisca skinny-dipping.

But largely, it’s about Jonas coming to this time to try to stop his father’s suicide because that would be what caused everything to go wrong…or so he thinks.

Regardless, he doesn’t have much time.  So, naturally, he tells Martha how he feels about her, and that means later she’ll hook up with him.  Except, it’s the 2019 Jonas, so he doesn’t really know why she’s hooking up with him, but there ya go.

His next stop is to see his dad, who seems to be the only man in town who didn’t go to the Nielsen’s 80s-themed anniversary party by his own choice.  Sure, Michael is working on a painting, but Jonas coming in and showing his father the suicide note Michael wrote, revealing that this Jonas knows full well his dad is also a small boy living across town.

Oddly enough, Michael remembers how he, as Mikkel, was led to the cave by Jonas.

So, can Jonas stop his dad’s suicide, maybe preventing Adam from existing and even moreso stop that old crank’s plan to, I dunno, somehow destroy time or something?

Um, no.

Because that would be when Old Claudia walks in to say Jonas needs to let his dad die because Adam lied, and the whole trip was intended to cause the suicide and not prevent it.  Furthermore, Jonas might be able to fix things, but he needs to go with Claudia right now back to the cave.

Sounds like a sad moment, as Jonas says goodbye to his dad for the last time and leaves with the old woman.

And meanwhile, Michael sits down to write his suicide note…

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