Jack Ryan “The Wolf”

So, yeah.  That was something awful at the end of this one while Jack gets somewhere with Cathy.

That somewhere is into her pants, meaning he could be the Wolf of the title.  That comes from the fact Jack gets advice from French agent Sandrine on actually being aggressive and asking Cathy out while Greer tells him he should forget about what happened in France by, you know, getting laid or something.  And hey, Jack and Cathy hit it off a bit on a first date, even though there are two problems.

The first is Cathy assumes Jack is a low-key, Type B kinda guy, not the go-getter she normally dates.

And the second is Jack pretty much lies about where he works.

OK, there’s no “pretty much”.  He outright lies, and if Greer’s saying he and Jack will never be friends is TV Cliche #1, then Jack lying to Cathy this early on is TV Cliche #2.  Greer will probably be Jack’s friend eventually as they bond over work duties, and Jack and Cathy will probably break up only to get back together again later.

I may not know much about Jack Ryan, but I do remember his wife’s name from the movies I saw once upon a time.

Oh, what did Jack need to forget?  Well, he and Sandrine were following Ali from Paris in one car while Greer has to deal with her Islamophobic partner.  Ali isn’t where Greer and the other guy end up, but he is coincidentally back at the gas station Jack and Sandrine stopped at.  Sandrine and a cop are shot (oddly enough, the cop shot Sandrine), and Jack eventually catches up to Ali, killing Suleiman’s brother in self-defense.  Plus, Sandrine died before Jack got back to the gas station.

Yeah, he might want to forget that.

But man, when Jack takes time off, bad things happen.  Suleiman gets some hostages from Doctors Without Borders, then takes over…wait, did he take over ISIS?  ISIS!?!  Holy crap!  That…looked easy.

Not sure what he wants with a former terrorist leader or some humanitarian French doctors, but he does have a scheme go off in Paris involving a popular priest’s funeral, a packed church, sarin gas, and a padlock.

Yeah, that was scary and well-done.  Jack might want to do something about that, like, NOW.

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