Doctor Who “The Ribos Operation Part 1”

So, apparently, for the 16th season of Doctor Who, the series came up with a season-long concept.  The various serials would all be chapters in a season-long storyarc.  As such, here we are with the introduction of the overarching story that has the Doctor running an errand for what seems to be a space god.

The Doctor and his new K9 are on what they hope to be a vacation trip when something hijacks the TARDIS.  It’s a powerful being called the White Guardian.  Appearing as an older man sitting in wicker chair while wearing a white suit, the White Guardian needs the Doctor to retrieve the Key of Time because once in a while, the universe needs a reboot apparently.  The Key has been broken up and hidden, and the White Guardian needs the Doctor to get the fragments before the Black Guardian gets ahold of them.  That would be bad.

Oh, and the Doctor needs a partner to help him there, so he has one.  Apparently, K9 is not enough.  So, that means he has a female Time Lord (Time Lady?) with him.  She’s got a long name, so the Doctor shortens it to Romana.  They spend most of the episode bickering and engaging in oneupmanship.

However, the first segment is on an ice planet in the midst of some kind of real estate scam involving a guy trying to sell a planet or a patch of it to a deposed dictator.  I’ll probably say more about that later, but the Doctor and Romana manage to track the fragment to a crown jewels display, and due to a series of weird stuff, the Doctor and Romana find themselves trapped in a chamber with some kind of rubber monster.

This quest is off to a fine start if rubber monsters and Time Lord bickering is how things begin.

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