Doctor Who “The Invasion Of Time Part 6”

So, apparently, these last few episodes were a bit rushed at the end of the series’s 15th season.  That may explain why it ends the way it does, where it seems to be most of the sets are various corridors in an abandoned warehouse or something.  Wikipedia tells me it wasn’t abandoned or a warehouse but a hospital, and there was a labor strike at the time, so here we are.

I mean, this is an episode where the Doctor and his companions mostly flee from the Sontarans by running through the endless corridors of the TARDIS.  The Doctor may have stopped the TARDIS from falling into a black star, but the Castellan, who went from cowardly to outright devious very quickly, knew how to get himself and a couple Sontarans into the Doctor’s TARDIS, and that thing has, like, endless hallways.  The Doctor keeps meeting up with Leela or Rodan or the Chancellor or whoever he needs, and they flee from the Sontarans.  Eventually, the Doctor hypnotizes Rodan to build something under K9’s instructions.

Why did she need to be hypnotized?  I’m…not sure.

As it is, the thing she builds is some kind of time gun that allows the Doctor to erase the two Sontarans from existence, especially the leader who was ready to blow up a few solar systems (including his own people) to stop the Doctor.

And then the Doctor claims he doesn’t remember being elected president.  Does he?  I don’t know.  He plays it close to the vest.  But, once again, the Doctor saved Gallifrey and the Time Lords, and he’s off again.  And here’s where it gets a little screwy.

See, Leela opts to stay behind because she and the head guard Andred fell in love based on…exchanging maybe three words for most of this serial?  They had one real conversation in Part One that mostly consisted of her angrily rejecting every outfit he offered her for the Doctor’s inauguration.

Regardless, Leela is staying.

And so is K9, who wants to stay with his mistress.

So, the Doctor leaves alone, but Leela wonders if he’ll be lonely.

But the Doctor has a box labeled “K9 MII” and he’s got that big smile.

Wait, I thought K9 was a one-of-a-kind machine the inventor just gave the Doctor and Leela a few serials ago?  It wasn’t even that long ago for the production of the actual show!  It’s not like they forgot something from a previous Doctor’s era!

You know what?  I probably shouldn’t worry about it too much.  No one working on the show appears to have.

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