Jack Ryan “French Connection”

Greer gave Jack the standard “we aren’t friends and we aren’t going to be friends” speech in this episode.  In TV terms, that’s usually a good sign they are eventually going to be friends.

Also likely to be friends with Jack:  Cathy, as he got her number while visiting the hospital for back injuries sustained after a fistfight with a terrorist’s brother, also a terrorist.  He somehow neglects to mention he works for the CIA, but she didn’t probe too deeply.  I mean, a Coast Guard helicopter picked him up at her dad’s birthday party.  That sure doesn’t seem like something that fits in with the reason he gave.

But the thing I like about this show is Jack Ryan is a smart guy.  His opponent Mousa bin Suleiman is also pretty smart.  But since he’s a terrorist, I think that requires Jack to be smarter.  It’s, like, a rule.

So, when Greer gives Jack Suleiman’s cell phone, maybe Jack can crack it by guessing the passcode.

OK, he can’t.  Jack doesn’t know this guy that well, until Greer notices Suleiman in the video actually seems to recognize how to act when arrested for handcuffing purposes.  That means he has an arrest record somewhere, and that means they find it in France.  And his prisoner ID opens up the phone.

I’m sure Suleiman would worry more, but his wife Hanin sure is uncomfortable with ISIS types hanging around the house and making unwanted overtures to her daughter.

I’m likewise sure Greer would worry more if he knew his superiors were asking Jack to feed them information on Greer.  Then again, Greer seems to know why people don’t like him.

OK, so, how is all this money being moved?  Jack found an app that allows people to carry cash amounts on SIM cards, and he also figures out Suleiman’s brother Ali is doing just that in Paris.  And he has enough pull to make sure he and Greer get to go to France.  And, after a shoot-out, he’s smart enough to realize the bleeding guy going down the stairs after all the young sidekicks get shot or blown up is probably Ali.

See?  Jack is smart.

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