Doctor Who “The Invasion Of Time Part 2”

Hold on…is the Doctor betraying his own people?

Not that the Time Lords might not deserve it…

Look, we know the Doctor was elected President of the Time Lords in part because he was probably the only candidate.

Choices matter.

However, putting the crown with the Matrix in it seems to be hurting him with only Leela springing to his defense.  He’s taken off to his office to recover where he promptly…banishes Leela from the Citadel?

Something’s up, right?

Must be.  This is so unlike the Doctor.

As it is, Leela is good at what she does, and what she does is make men look bad, so she escapes the guards.  Some more are put on the Doctor’s office, but he figures there must be a secret door out.  There is, a voice-lock, and he quickly figures out the code and goes for a walk.  Leela follows at a distance, even telling some guards “I’m with him!” because guards everywhere in fiction are kinda stupid.

Where is the Doctor going?  To the TARDIS where he has a chat with K9.  Whatever he’s up to involves the robo-dog, but not Leela.  She’s locked out of the TARDIS and sneaks off when the guards show up and assume she’s inside.  But then the Doctor comes out and they find out she isn’t in there.

Leela does eventually find someone, a female Time Lord (Time Lady?) named Rodan, who isn’t trying to arrest Leela.  Rodan even invites Leela into her place of employment.  She seems to be the air traffic controller for all of Gallifrey.  Leela worries a bit about attackers getting through, but Rodan assures the visitor that there’s no way anyone gets into Gallifrey unless someone takes out the planetary shields.

Oh, the Doctor sent K9 to take down the shields.

And that happens.


So, the Doctor returns to the Citadel where he introduces the Time Lords to these weird aliens the Doctor says are the Time Lords’ new masters.

That doesn’t seem like something the Doctor would do…

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