Dark “Gespenster/Ghosts”

This is the story of a sad father and daughter, namely Claudia and Egon.

One of them does time travel.

Egon, see, his wife will leave him for another woman, namely Agnes, Ulrich’s grandmother.  Furthermore, because there aren’t enough genetic connections between people here, Agnes is also Noah’s sister, and she fell out of the Sic Mundas group for some reason.  But Noah needs to get the missing pages from elderly Claudia’s journal back to heavily scarred and heavily creepy Adam for…reasons.

I’m still waiting for reasons.  Season two has been a lot more twisty-turny than season one.  I still mostly know what’s going on, but only mostly.

The thing is, Egon gets comfort for his wife’s impending departure from Claudia…twice.  The first time comes from the elderly version of her.  The second comes from the juvenile.  And the wording is similar enough to catch his attention.

As such, when we cut from 1954 to 1987, recently retired Egon realizes song lyrics Ulrich quoted to him in the 50s are from a song in the 80s, so it’s back to the asylum to talk to the older version of that character.  And this time Egon does get far enough to learn this is a time lost Ulrich, and Egon might actually believe it.  He believes it enough to trick Ines into giving him a photo of Mikkel to show to Ulrich.

That…does not go well.

As for Claudia, after getting some cryptic commentary from Tannhaus, who did and did not write the book she’s been holding onto, she does a little time traveling of her own, seeing her own daughter dying in the future and then it looks like she may have encountered Adam.

The older version of herself meets Noah instead, and he has a shotgun.  But then Noah lies to Adam about the missing journal pages because something in them upset Noah.

Something!  It’s always something!

Well, something is better than nothing.  And nothing seems to be what life dished out to Claudia and Egon.

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