Doctor Who “Underworld Part 2”

Being stuck underground is one thing, but being stuck underground because a planet formed around you in a matter of minutes is probably far, far worse.


Fortunately, the Doctor and his new companions manage to blast their way out.  Granted, they did so by using up all their ship’s power, and then they crashed on a different planet that was probably formed around the other ship the Minyans were looking for.

But while the Minyans don’t seem to be unfriendly, they won’t let the Doctor help out because the Quest is the Quest, and it isn’t his Quest.

He and Leela wander out anyway while K9 stays behind on the ship.  Everyone is underground in a series of tunnels.  And there are people there.  Most are slaves called Trogs.  There are also some guards, a couple robots, and someone called the Oracle who is apparently in charge of the whole thing.  And believing in the sky is a capital offense.

This place sucks already.  And I haven’t even gotten to the part about “skyfalls” that don’t involve anyone with a license to kill but ends up with a lot of people dead all the same.  Apparently, regular cullings are important to the Oracle.

So, while the Minyans wander around, the Doctor and Leela do too and hear something about fumigation.  This time the Doctor realizes that can’t be good, so he and Leela head back to the ship.  They even find a terrified escaped Trog named Idas.  His dad just got arrested for believing in the sky.

See?  This place sucks.

By then, one of the Minyans met a guard who thought said Minyan was an escaped Trog.  The guard shoots, the Minyan deflects easily and kills the guard, then decides to tell off the other guards over the comm system.  So, at least one Minyan is a dick.

That means fumigation, and though Leela, Idas, and the Doctor manage to escape the gas attack the first time, the Doctor reasons that the best thing to do right now is go out and shut off the gas before it leads to more death.  And yeah, he can use his long scarf to cover his face and try to  fan the gas away, but he still won’t be conscious for long once he reaches the environmental controls.

They should have stayed buried alive at this rate.  They could at least escape in the TARDIS that way…

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