Dark “Dunkle Materie/Dark Matter”

Wait, “dark matter”?  Is that where this show gets its title from?

Well, where’s some of that stuff?

Jonas found some in 2053, that swirly stuff in the old reactor room.  Plus, old Claudia left some recordings behind explaining stuff about the “God Particle”.  He does manage to temporarily get the swirly stuff to go into a solid sphere, but then he leaves and eventually gets arrested for breaking into the forbidden room of mystery.  He’s almost hung for that.  Almost.  I hate when that happens, but the older Elisabeth doesn’t seem like a very nice person.

You know, if they just let Jonas go home to 2020, he won’t be their problem anymore.

Of course, he is home in 2020, only he’s older and showing his mother Hannah how time travel works.  They go back to the 80s and see young Mikkel struggle with being someone else.

But then old Claudia also goes back in time to see her middle-aged self, and showing how her childhood dog loves both of them, she gives herself some ideas.

That is a sentence that only makes sense on a time travel show.

Oh, hey, Ulrich is still there.  He’s in an insane asylum, telling a dying Egon that the former cop won’t ever get it.

Anything else?  Well, Charlotte and Clausen interview cancer patient Regina, only for Charlotte to learn the Stranger left a lot of his time travel stuff in the hotel.  And that includes stuff from Tannhaus’ book.

Tannhaus raised Charlotte.

Is everyone in this town related?

Well, regardless, in 2053, Elisabeth’s translator Silja helped Jonas enter a stable wormhole to go…somewhere.

Time travel stinks without a Delorean or a TARDIS.

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