Dark “Alpha Und Omega/Alpha And Omega”

OK, so, we’re at the end of season one.  How much crazier can this show get?

I mean, we must have some questions answered by now, right?

Well, yeah, but because things get crazier, what answers we get seems to lead to more questions.  It looks like Ulrich is stuck in 1953 just as his son is stuck in 1986.  Helge wasn’t killed (obviously), but the Stranger’s efforts to stop the wormhole under the nuclear plant with Tannhaus’ device may end up creating it in the first place.

That’s if Noah is to be believed.

So, let’s see if we can decipher things so far.

First, the Stranger is really Adult Jonas.  He’s trying to stop everything from happening, but Noah says he can’t because time is a flat circle.

Wait, wrong show…

OK, let’s try again.  Jonas saw his life going to hell and went to go back to 1986 to bring Mikkel back anyway because making out with your unknowing aunt and having her boyfriend, also your best friend, beat you up is a sign of just how bad things are.  But someone knocks Jonas out and he meets his older self in that weird room with the bad wallpaper.

OK.  Now we’re getting somewhere.  So, Noah recruits Bartosz and says the real enemy is Bartosz’s not-really-dead granny Claudia.  If she gets the 1.21 giggawatts of electricity at 88 miles per hour…

OK, that is not the right use of time travel.

No, wait, I got it.  Charlotte found Ulrich’s photo in a really old newspaper about the time she realized things repeat every 33 years.  Likewise, in 1953, Ulrich spooked Egon with news that hasn’t happened yet.  Mads’ body ended up in Helge’s cabin in 2019, but Helge was out.  His son Peter was in there instead of seeing that transgender prostitute.  So, really, Charlotte owes her husband an apology for suspecting he was screwing around but not for moving a child’s body with help from Tronte and Claudia.  Dwight would have asked for a car with a big trunk, but…

No, that’s Sin City.

Look, all we really need to know is a time portal opened up, allowing 1953 Helge to see 2019 Jonas in 1986.  Helge ended up in 1986.  Jonas ended up in 2052, where everything looks like hell and some armed woman knocked him out.

I think things got worse.

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