Voltron: Legendary Defender “Black Site”

So, did they just graft two different episodes from two different shows into this one?  Because tonally, it is all over the place.

On the one hand, there’s a lot of broad comedy with Pidge introducing her brother Matt to the other Paladins.  There are some overexagerrated looks when he sees how beautiful Allura is (careful, she used to be a space racist!), plus how Allura and Coran decide they really like the milkshakes Hunk makes and decide to ask the cow to make more.  Then Lance shows them how milking works, we get some more exaggeration, and general comedy as Matt and Pidge do extremely nerdy things.  The most dramatic moment may be when Shiro just gives Matt a hug instead of a handshake.

But then there’s the stuff with Zarkon awake in some kind of cybernetic armor, going the full Darth Vader look.  He takes power back from Lotor, calling his son a disappointment without realizing Lotor doesn’t want the power Zarkon is reclaiming.  Haggar is a bit suspicious about all that, uses one of Lotor’s generals to see what Lotor is up to, and learns the boy was making ships from that comet.  Zarkon believes Lotor wants the power back and attacks.  Lotor kills the general Haggar was spying through and makes a run for it.

By then, Matt and Pidge managed to put together a Galra tracking device and cracked the Galra code.  Why are the Galra massing up to attack empty space?  Only one way to find out, and with Matt’s help, Pidge can extend the Green Lion’s cloaking device to all of Voltron.

There’s a lot going on here, isn’t there?

Point is, Voltron loses the cloak when Lotor speeds past his position, but the Paladins do know who Zarkon was trying to murder.  Both the Paladins and Lotor escape, but Zarkon just sends out an all-points bulletin that his son is to be killed on sight.

How did all that evil family drama end up in an episode where alien royalty learned where milkshakes came from?

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