Doctor Who “The Talons Of Weng-Chiang Part 5”

So, apparently Jago and Litefoot are something of a popular pair of characters.  In that, I mean despite the fact the two never appeared again on the TV show, the actors have revived the characters for a series of audio dramas.

They meet in this episode.

What brings together a theater owner with far too much confidence in his own position and a mild-manner Victorian-era forensics expert together?  That’s simple!  While whoever Weng-Chiang is managed to get the time cabinet, he doesn’t have the key that actually opens the door.  In his haste to leave his hideout in Jago’s basement, his people left behind a bag of stuff that includes the key.

Now, the Doctor and Leela go off to look around some more, and the more the Doctor learns about Weng, the more he concludes Weng is an idiot who doesn’t understand the science he’s been abusing.  In fact, the Doctor realizes Mr. Sin is some malfunctioning toy made up of robotic parts and a pig brain that in the future started World War VI.

Oh my.

Anyway, while the Doctor and Leela are out, Jago shows up at Litefoot’s with the bag of future stuff that none of them can figure out.  But they do figure whoever left them behind might be looking for them, so why not try using some of it as bait to at least find the bad guys and then do back and tell the Doctor?

That…is not a bad plan.  I mean, it’s doomed to fail, but it’s not a bad plan.

Does it fail?  Of course it does!  I said it was doomed to fail!  Weng spots them and has his minions bring the two men inside.  He then locks them in a room with two more young female victims who appear to be unconscious.  The two look to find a way out and even find a dumbwaiter to try and sneak downstairs.  That doesn’t work because that’s where the minions are.

By then, the Doctor has returned to Litefoot’s house and finds the Bag O’Stuff.  Combined with a note, the Doctor figures out exactly what the mystery man wants, and since the pair don’t know where Jago and Litefoot went, the thing to do is lay a trap and wait for the bad guy to show up with whatever weapons Litefoot might have lying around.

That would be Leela’s contribution.  And she finds some stuff, like a cricket bat and some golf clubs.  Then again, she’s sizing a golf club up to toss as a spear when Weng pops up from behind a curtain and tries to chloroform her.

During the resulting struggle, Leela gets the man’s mask off.  And man, is he a deformed mess…

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