Dark “Was Man Sät, Das Wird Man Ernten/As You Sow, So Shall You Reap”

OK, this is a German show all right.

See, we’ve seen some dead kids before, but this time around, Ulrich does something that is both understandable and unforgivable.  Or not.  Depends on whether or not you’d kill Baby Hitler.  And Ulrich’s actions aren’t exactly against a Hitler.

Essentially, Ulrich goes exploring into the caves beneath the power plant himself, convinced he can maybe find the missing Mikkel and bring some measure of peace back to himself and his family.

Instead, he overshoots and ends up in 1953.  There are more dead birds and some of the missing boys from 2019 are corpses there.  Since every character to do time travel takes to it better than the one before him, Ulrich figures things out pretty quick, even giving directions to a woman whose young son is Tronte Nielsen, Ulrich’s own father.

Meanwhile, there’s local rich kid Helge Doppler.  He’s tired of bullies stealing from him, Claudia Tiedemann ignoring him in favor of the new kid, and probably his overbearing mother.  He even gets Claudia’s dog Gretchen to chase a stick into the mystery caves as punishment for her mistreatment.

The dog never comes out.

At least in this episode.  We’ll have to wait and see about future ones.

Ulrich first visits future author H.G. Tannhaus, the author of the time travel book everyone keeps passing around.  He makes clocks.  The Stranger visits him in 1986 to say the man’s right and you can travel through different time periods over periods of 33 years in either direction.  Ulrich just somehow traveled 66, possibly because he’s bad at math.

Either way, Ulrich later learns a kid he advised on self-defense is Helge.  That leads him to think if he kills the kid, his brother and son won’t disappear.

And then he chases young Helge down and bashes the boy’s head in with a rock.

That probably explains where Helge’s scars in ’86 come from.

Also, I get that Ulrich is a desperate man at this point, but as a member of the audience, I know Helge is mostly just a stooge for other people.  Probably.

Anyway, we end with two moments worth noting.  In the first, the Stranger asks the older Tannhaus to fix some kind of machine.  In the second, the younger Tannhaus finds Ulrich’s smartphone.

Uh oh.

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