The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance “By Gelfling Hand…”

OK, so, I think I found one of the limits of puppeteering in this episode.  I assume that’s why what sounded like a major event happened off-screen,

I mean, we’ve seen extensive rescues of prisoners from Skeksis carriages.  Heck, this episode includes one when Lore catches up to the captured Gelflings with an assist from Rian and his friends.  It’s cool, the Skeksis panic and runaway, and the group that now includes Rian, Deet, Brea, and Hup can escort Lore to the Circle of the Suns.  It’s just on the other side of a desert you need to fly over.  And there is a Gelfling clan that does that, but they seem to be really into death.

And we’ve seen the Hunter do his thing as he fights and subdues Gelflings while flipping through trees.  He’s still out there, and he’s still on Rian’s trail.

Aughra told the Archer to handle it.  The Archer called the Hunter his dark side, and if you know your Dark Crystal, you know what that means.

And I could point out Seledon’s coronation doesn’t quite work out when another Maudra challenges her claim to the throne.  That would be Fara, an honorable Gelfling looking to make sure a power-mad, crazy fanatic who branded her own mother a traitor doesn’t get the throne.  Is it weird hearing Lena Headey’s voice arguing where a crown should go for good reasons?  Because I thought it was.  The challenge is avoided through a political gambit instead of a combat thing involving flying around.

No, the thing that gets me is how the Gelfling guards are planning a revolt against the Skeksis.  That sounds like it could be exciting.  An armed attack on the Skeksis in their castle, particularly when they seem more inclined to cut and run than anything else.

It happens off camera and somehow the Gelflings are all captured and rounded up to be turned into essence.  The Chamberlain returns, thinking he can get his place back after the General made the political situation worse.  The only thing is, the General’s actions led to the guard revolt, and the Skeksis got their essence anyway.  So, yeah, those assholes can keep killing things to stay young and strong while making the planet sicker and sicker.

There’s probably a real world message in there somewhere.

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