Doctor Who “The Talons Of Weng-Chiang Part 3”

Well, this is a pleasant surprise:  Leela kicks ass.

How many companions can we say that for?

Look at how she handles herself in this episode.  Confronted by the diminutive Mr. Sin, she tosses a knife at the guy and lodges it in his neck.  Granted, it doesn’t seem to do any serious damage, but she tried.  Hearing the Doctor outside, she then does the sensible thing and jumps out a closed window.

Dang, that woman is no push-over.

She’ll do more when the episode ends.

As it is, the Doctor enters and he finds Professor Litefoot stunned but otherwise OK.  Leela, for her part, sneaks off and climbs onto the back of Chang’s carriage to follow that blighter.  Blighter is a good word here.  See, Chang has an errand or two to run.  His boss, the mystery man demanding a “time cabinet” that looks like a large Chinese cabinet in Litefoot’s house, is the key to this mystery man’s demands.  So, he doesn’t want the TARDIS.  He wants one of Litefoot’s knickknacks.  That makes much more sense.  He also demands some young women, and there have been a rash of disappearances of those in the neighborhood.

Why?  Mystery Man drains them of life to sustain his own.  Chang just finds them and brings them in.  It looks like leftovers may be fed to the giant rats.

That’s rather gruesome.

Anyway, Leela follows Chang as he first hypnotizes a young woman on the street, and then later he takes one of the theater’s cleaning women.  Now, you’d think Chang taking someone while she was working in his place of employment might cause problems, but the owner there, Henry Gordon Jago, he’s onto some things but not others thanks to the Doctor.  Besides, Chang getting the maid meant Leela could swap places with the other hypnotized girl and kick more ass.  Because, while Mystery Man does put the cleaning woman in his life-draining cabinet, Leela is just fine and can smack him around a bit.  And when that isn’t quite enough, she can escape into the sewers.

You know, where the giant rats are.

Fortunately, the Doctor was busy mapping out the sewers, and he’s coming in with a blunderbuss of an elephant gun from Litefoot’s house, stuffed full of ammo.  He even finds Leela down there!

Yes, he finds her just as a giant rat grabs her.

Better hope that old rifle works.

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