Doctor Who “The Robots Of Death Part 4”

Alright, time for some action.  Let getting the Doctor’s throat out of the iron grip of a killer robot.

That turns out to be easy when the mine craft commander just jams a metal bar in the robot’s head, causing it to wander off.  By now, we’re down to only a few people.  There’s the commander, Uvanov.  There’s the acting commander, Toos.  There’s the jittery guy with a secret, Poul.  And then there’s some guy named Dask.

Yes, there’s also the Doctor and Leela.  But they don’t count for our purposes.  The Doctor knows everyone needs to get to the bridge and robots are, above all else, kinda stupid.  He actually stops one after him by tossing his hat and scarf around another one, letting those two fight.  Eventually, everyone except for Dask gets up to the control room where the only robots in the room have already been shut down.

And the Doctor knows Dask is the brilliant scientist and robot revolutionary leader Taren Capel because, well, I guess the only other option is Poul, and he’s just crying his fool eyes out.  D84 knows Poul.  Poul’s his partner, sent to investigate the mysterious robot stuff going on, only Poul suffers from severe robophobia.

This mission seems like a terrible idea for this guy.

Regardless, Capel has painted his face to look like a robot, and everyone is on to him even before he pretends he’s under attack.  The Doctor just knows it’s a trap designed to have the robots kill all the humans.

Bender approves.

But there’s a break in the break-ins.  The Doctor heads off with Leela and D84 to set a trap for Capel, having Uvanov and Toos make whatever weapons they can on the bridge.  That’s basically limited to mining charges because, well, why would they need weapons on this thing?  Those bombs work too when Poul panics and lets a robot in.

So, what is the Doctor’s brilliant plan?  He comes up with a robot shut-off short range pulse and gives Leela a helium tank, instructing her to let some of the gas out as soon as Capel shows up.  The result is after Capel tries and fails to torture the Doctor, Capel realizes the robot shouldn’t be attacking Capel himself.  It seems having a high, squeaky voice makes the robot think Capel is someone else.  By then, D84 sacrificed himself to stop most of the robots and Uvanov and Toos tried to subdue the last one before the Doctor got a bomb on it.

So, that’s that.  Should the Doctor check on Uvanov or Toos in case they need medical assistance?  Nah!  He and Leela are leaving.  Leela also had a squeaky voice for a bit, causing the Doctor to call her “mouse,” but he’s a Time Lord, so helium doesn’t really do anything to him.  As such, it’s time to take the TARDIS to its next destination.

That would be one of the most racist serials in the show’s history.

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