Doctor Who “The Robots Of Death Part 3”

Man, the Doctor sure is unflappable.  Nothing seems to worry this guy.

And heck, Leela’s pretty competent herself.

Maybe that’s where the mining company went wrong with this crew:  they didn’t hire any competent and/or unflappable people.

But they did get some folks who will listen to reason, and I guess the mining craft is underwater or something, but for now, the Doctor does what he always does and manages to, if not save the day himself by cutting the power to the machine before it exploded or something, then at least convincing someone else to do it for him.

That done, and since it looks like the crew trusts the Doctor now, he has a plan.  At least he has a suspect.  Leela did find a robot that was supposed to be mute talking, but no one believed her…except the Doctor.  He asks Leela to keep an eye on a guy named Poul.  Poul may be keeping secrets.  Poul does, however, immediately lock Leela in a room after the Doctor leaves, so maybe he’s the bad guy.

Or not.  He seems to be very upset at a robot hand covered in human blood down in the repair station.

But the Doctor does find the talking mute robot.  It’s one D84.  The “D” stands for “dumb,” but someone sent D84 to investigate this ship before it left, and the Doctor has a theory.  He believes some genius on board is secretly reprogramming robots to kill.  He’s not wrong.  D84, when asked, said there is some supergenius inventor guy no one has ever seen that was raised by robots.

Well, that guy could have hidden among the crew and no one, not even D84, would know.  The Doctor suspects the guy has a lab somewhere.

Heck, the Doctor even finds the lab.  D84 keeps asking who’s screaming, though.  It was the Doctor, or so the Doctor thinks.  I suspect D84 has better hearing.

See, the secret villain has reprogrammed some robots to kill.  He sends one after the acting commander of the vessel.  Another is sent for the Doctor.  A third is for Leela.  And the last one will cover all the other humans who I guess are not as impressive.

Leela, however, manage to escape.  She finds Poul hiding under a console.  See?  Competent.

The acting commander listens when the Doctor calls her with a warning, but even after she manages to severe a hand, the killer robot can still come in.  D84 volunteers to go help her.

As for the Doctor, he’s confronted by two people.  The first is the former commander.  The second is the robot sent to kill the Doctor.  The Doctor wonders briefly who the robot is after, but he finds out quickly enough.

And he’s unflappable the entire time.

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