Doctor Who “The Robots Of Death Part 2”

Well, the Doctor is about to be buried alive in ore.  Will he survive?  I mean, yeah, he will, but how will he survive?

First, he’s going to pop a snorkel through the loose ore to continue getting air.  Then he’s going to wait until a robot shows up to let him out.

That seems simple enough.

So, to recap, there are now three corpses on the sand miner.  The Doctor found one in the ore pile.  Leela found a second in the store room.  And the third was discovered by this weird crew before the Doctor and Leela arrived.  Naturally, robots can’t be doing it.  They can only do what they’re programmed to do.

So, why is one of the ones from the mute class talking to Leela?

There’s something very weird about this place.

Fortunately, one guy on the crew thinks the Doctor and Leela are innocent and lets them go.  Now the Doctor can help with the investigation.   Granted, this is the Doctor.  He was never all that worried to begin with.  Plus, finding yet another body in the commander’s quarters lets the Doctor and Leela off the hook.

True, it puts the commander on the hook, especially after the victim was heard screaming through the intercom system that the commander was the killer.

Did I mention with each crewmember’s death, the survivors all get a larger piece of the pay pie when all this is done?  That could be a good motive.

But they can worry about that if anyone survives the next two episodes.  For now, the miner craft is zipping all over the place, completely out of control.  Why?  Well, in part, because someone also killed the engineer.  The Doctor is about to take some drastic actions to stop the thing when someone grabs him to stop him from stopping the ship from going over a cliff.

Man, that’s a long sentence.

And these people are terrible.  Let the Doctor do his Doctor thing!

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