Doctor Who “The Face Of Evil Part 4”

Well, things are looking bleak for the Doctor.  Xoanon somehow stunned him because the computer has psychic powers.  Leela’s gun ran out of charge outside.  And the Sevateem are probably not the best allies.

It may be time for unexpected assistance.

Yes, Xoanon isn’t working quite right, and having the Doctor show up actually made things worse.  Because the Doctor left a portion of his own personality behind, Xoanon believes it is the Doctor.  As such, having a Doctor show up outside the computer makes the computer’s madness worse.  All the Doctor really has to do is remove the copy of his own psyche from the computer.

That is far easier said than done.

So, how will he do it?  First, Leela has to pull the Doctor out of the control room.  The Doctor doesn’t have to be in there to fix the computer, but it helps.  That just means Xoanon will have to kill the Doctor outside the main room.  Of course, Xoanon plans to kill everybody else too because, well, the computer is cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

Plus, the Sevateem are storming the ship.  The Tesh have superior weapons.  The Sevateem have superior numbers.  Who will survive?

Maybe none of them because Xoanon mind controls most of both groups, even Leela.  The Doctor has a machine that can do the repair work if the mind controlled minions would just stop trying to kill him.

Fortunately, there is another crazy person on the ship.

Yes, Neeva, the onetime shaman to the Sevateem, is not an atheist.  Xoanon lied to him, so he’s going to the complaints department.  That means blasting a random screen with seconds to go before the explosives go off.  Neeva dies as a result, but the Doctor gets free long enough to fix the computer.

The Doctor only learns that two days later when he finally wakes up.  Xoanon is fine now.  The Sevateem and Tesh are arguing over power, but giving both groups Xoanon’s memory wipe tells everyone involved that the computer is not helpful, not genocidal.  That’s always a good thing.

All that’s left for the Doctor is to hustle off to his next destination.  He doesn’t really want Leela to tag along, but she jumped into the TARDIS ahead of him and hit some controls.

Were there any other women on that planet?  They may not make it to the next generation.

Regardless, Leela looks like she’ll make a good companion for the time being.

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