Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #250: Dargo Ktor, Future Thor

I wrote a review recently for the first volume of the Thor run when human woman Jane Foster became Thor.  I noted at the time that I was fine with it, only thrown off slightly by the fact that everyone called her “Thor” despite Thor Odinson being, you know, around.  After all, “Thor” is his actual name, not his code name.

But mortals have been gaining and using the power of Thor for a while now, and though I have mentioned at least one in a previous Case File, there are a few others even less remembered than Eric Masterson.  Besides, that was sixty Case Files ago.  Surely it’s time to toss another Thor into the mix.

No?  Well, I am doing it anyway.  Here’s Dargo Ktor.

Who is Dargo Ktor?  Well, he’s a mortal man from the late 26th century.  In that time, the world has been conquered by a group called the Corp.  One day, some people found Mjolinir and, as is often the case, a cult formed called the Cult of the Hammer.  Dargo thought those guys were a bunch of loons looking for someone worthy to lift the hammer.  But his girlfriend Salla convinced him to go to one of their “try and lift the hammer” parties.

Now, Dargo didn’t believe that the hammer was really Mjolinir, but someone else did.  That would be Loki.  Loki knew where the real Thor was and wanted to keep him there, so he teamed up with the Corp and attacked the Cult.  Dargo, desperate, made a grab for Mjolinir and discovered he was actually worthy, with all the inherent powers of Thor included.  He drove off the attack, and Loki got mad and took out the Corp.  Since the world was now free, Dargo tossed Mjolnir into a dimensional portal to reunite with Thor.

Except, one day, Mjolnir came back and Dargo took up being Thor to fight the forces of evil.

All things being equal, not a bad origin.  True, I don’t think too many other writers and artists have gotten much out of Dargo since his creators, Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz, left the continuing adventures of Asgard behind them, but he did do one really memorable thing:  he joined the Thor Corps.

Yes, Dargo was tricked by a time traveler named Zarrko into going into the past to attack Eric Masterson.  Figuring the combined energies of two Mjolinirs, once properly harvested, would allow Zarrko to do…something evil, it wasn’t hard tricking Dargo into attacking Eric, claiming Eric had somehow caused the original Thor’s disappearance.  Only the timely intervention of Beta Ray Bill stopped the pair’s brawl.  They then formed a “Thor Corps” to deal with Zarrko once and for all.

The Corps have formed at least twice, with the original Thor even briefly joining them the second time.  But Masterson was since killed off, and future Thor Dargo Ktor must belong to some forgotten timeline because I don’t think he’s been seen since.

Then again, with more and more people wielding some kind of enchanted hammer, it may only be a matter of time before someone remembers the 26th century also had a worthy Thor.

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