Doctor Who “The Deadly Assassin Part 4”

Well, the Doctor might drown in a virtual reality world, but I somehow doubt it.  He’s too smart for that.

Then again, he doesn’t need to be.  The Master decided the best way to kill the Doctor is to fry everyone in it.  That includes the Master’s only ally, Goth.  Except, the Doctor has friends in Spandrell and Engin to pull him out.  Goth has no friends.  He takes a mortal injury.  The Doctor finds him and what looks like a dead Master and gets a full confession.

So, what silly motive did Goth have?  He wanted to be President of the Time Lords!  Wait, he was next in line.  The Doctor knew that.  Except he wasn’t!  The dead president changed his mind.  Probably because Goth is a snickerdoodle.

Why would the Master help Goth?  Well, the Master had run out of regenerations and didn’t want to die permanently.  Sure looks too late for that.  Though what a president could do…

That’s when the Doctor puts it all together.  The President’s power is mostly ceremonial.  Old School Time Lord Rassilon did…something with devices modern Time Lords don’t understand.  But the Doctor just realized the ceremonial equipment of office aren’t so ceremonial.  Rassilon put together a power source for Gallifrey.  It’s just the nucleus of a black hole.  The Sash and Key are just control devices.

And yes, the Master ain’t dead.  He got the stuff, believing the Sash would keep him alive no matter what happens.  Keep in mind, letting the black hole out would destroy Gallifrey.  And a lot of other planets in the neighborhood.  Hey, maybe the Master will listen to reason.  After all, if the Sash is so good, why didn’t it keep the president from dying?

No, the Master doesn’t listen.  And he does open the black hole enough to create some fissures.  The Doctor just drops him into one.  After re-securing the black hole, it’s time for the Doctor to leave.  Besides, the politicians aren’t sure how to spin this one yet, and the Doctor doesn’t want to have anything to do with that.

Say, he is the only candidate left on the presidential ballot…

So, the Doctor leaves in his TARDIS.  But the Master ain’t dead, so he leaves in his own TARDIS.  But that’s a problem for another day.  Maybe the Doctor’ll get a new companion because he does need someone to talk to…

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