Dark “Wahrheiten/Truths”

Jonas gets something of a bombshell dropped in his lap in this episode.  It may be worse if he chooses to believe it since, well, it is a bit outlandish.

But the episode starts off rather cool as the show depicts people in both 2019 and 1986 going about their business.  Most of the episode is set in 2019, but we do see some of the problems in 1986 that still resound in the present.

For example, Hannah Kahnwald as a younger girl in 1986 had a massive crush on Ulrich, something she still has it in 2019 to a somewhat obsessive degree.  So much so that when she spied Ulrich having sex with future wife Katharina  in 1986 (after both said they really don’t want kids), she reported it as rape to the police and had Ulrich arrested.  She also met the stranded-in-the-past Mikkel.  They seem to somewhat hit it off as friends being closer to the same age and all.

Back in 2019, with third child Yasin missing, there’s some more general weirdness.  Elisabeth gives a description for mystery man Noah.  We get to see him too.  He dresses like a priest.  Bartosz meets him under the impression the guy is a drug dealer, but Bartosz may be the first kid to meet this guy in 2019 and not disappear.

Yes, other people meet him in other places.  Mikkel meets him in 1986.

He looks exactly the same.

Then there’s the Stranger.  He meets Jonas at Jonas’s father’s grave, says he knew the late Michael Kahnwald, and then goes back to that cave.  Later he meets a clockmaker.  But he also had a package delivered to Jonas.  Inside it was some kind of weird flashlight, a Geiger counter, and the suicide note.

And, um, it seems Mikkel never got back to 2019.  Well, not through time travel.  He got there the old fashioned way by waiting 33 years.  The nurse Ines Kahnwald adopted him, and he changed his name to Michael Kahnwald.

So, Mikkel was Jonas’s father.

Man, Jonas made out with his aunt earlier in the episode…

See?  Disturbing implications.

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