Doctor Who “The Deadly Assassin Part 3”

So, inside the Matrix, the Doctor keeps running into a masked figure trying to kill him.  Said masked figure keeps appearing everywhere and is probably supposed to be scary.

Look, this isn’t the scariest such figure to ever meet a Doctor.  Who’s spookier than this guy?  That’s easy, and I can prove it with one word:  “Mommy”.

Ah, but we spend most of this episode watching the Doctor try to escape that masked killer.  And…there isn’t a lot for me to say beyond that.  The killer sets traps, like poisoning water the Doctor might need to battle thirst.  Then the Doctor discovers the trap and mostly avoids it.

Heck, it looks like the Doctor tries to use the poisoned water to make some poisoned darts.

On the outside of the Matrix, the Master gets a little impatient and sends a brainwashed guard to finish the Doctor off.  Fortunately, Spandrell and Engin take care of that guy.

Inside, the Doctor also learns the Master’s partner is…Chancellor Goth!  That man who…was next in line for the presidency and lacks any motive to kill the president.


Well, Engin and Spandrell realize the Doctor is in a bad spot.  Whoever is in the Matrix with the Doctor controls the environment.  That explains the laughing clown face in the mirror the Doctor finds under some sand.

Don’t ask.

However, there is some good news there.  Because it takes a lot of mental energy to keep everything running, the killer should exhaust himself soon.

He better since the episode ended with Goth trying to drown the Doctor.

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