Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #249: The Darkstars

If you read DC Comics, you know that there has for a long time been a space police force:  the Green Lantern Corps.  In more recent years, other Lantern Corps using various colored rings have risen, but not every DC space cops have used rings.

For a little while in the 90s, there was also the Darkstars.

In DC cosmology, there are the planet Oa is ruled over by the Guardians of the Universe.  Descended from mortal sentient beings from the planet Maltus, the Guardians evolved over time into powerful, generally immortal beings.  Using their great power, they eventually created the Green Lantern Corps to patrol the universe and bring peace and order to every corner of creation.

But Maltus wasn’t just the birthplace of the the Guardians.  A race often referred to as the cousins to the Guardians, the Contollers, also came from Maltus.  They also liked order, but mostly because they were highly reclusive beings and keeping the universe in order meant other races didn’t bother them.  They had their own agents, and when they proved to be too ineffective, they created their own space cops, the Darkstars.

Here’s a group shot.

The Darkstars were gifted with weapons and power from the Controllers.  Most prominent were the exo-suits they wore, increasing their strength, granting them flight and forcefields, and allowing them to survive in the vacuum of space.  They also had space craft for longer trips, and their gauntlets were set with special maser weapons, energy weapons that individual Darkstars often had special surgery to increase their own marksmanship and general precision.

Like the Lanterns, the Darkstars dispensed members to very sector in the universe.  Earth got one in the form of alien Ferrin Colos who recruited some natives as deputies and generally didn’t get along with Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

That self-same Hal Jordan also eventually went all Paralax and destroyed the Corps.  One lone Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner, remained, and a few Green Lanterns, most prominently John Stewart, ended up joining the Darkstars.

That mostly meant whenever a powerful cosmic foe showed up, then various Darkstars were gonna die.  Eventually, the Controllers cut them off, and that meant even more of them died, until fighting one powerful cosmic-level enemy, Starbreaker, led to the last three dying, Colos among them.

That would be the end of it, but the Darkstars keep coming back.  Sort of.  Various armies and minions of galactic dictators seem to pop up frequently with the Darkstar name or general look.  Heck, Earth superhero Kate “Manhunter” Spencer got one exo-suit to wear as part of her own superhero uniform.

Most recently, the Darkstars have returned as a somewhat fascist organization that looks like it offers “protection”in the same way as the mafia does.  They renamed themselves the Blackstars are seem to be Hal Jordan’s primary antagonists in Grant Morrison’s new series.

Looks like Hal even joined them.

But these are hardly heroic characters, so the good guy Darkstars will remain Misplaced.  You know, for now.

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