Doctor Who “The Hand Of Fear Part 3”

You know, I don’t think a lot happened in this episode.

I say that because so much of it focuses on Professor Watson.

Why does Professor Watson get a whole scene to wonder what he’s going to do?  He called an air strike that didn’t explode.  His power plant is a mess.  He doesn’t really know what happened.  So, why does he merit a full scene?  Probably because the BBC needed to fill some time.

Oh yeah, he did call in an air strike as Eldrad ate all the radiation in the power plant.  So, there was what the Doctor called an un-explosion.  Sarah Jane doesn’t get that, and neither does Eldrad.  Did the Doctor mean an implosion?  Those are something else.

Point is, Watson called an air strike because dropping nuclear weapons onto a nuclear power plant can’t be a bad idea ever.  Everyone scrambles out, but the Doctor doesn’t seem too worried.  See, that Eldrad is powerful enough to keep nuclear missiles from exploding.  Sure, it could be the BBC didn’t have the budget or the stock footage to fake such a thing on a low budget sci-fi show, but here we are.

Seeing as how explosions don’t work, the Doctor opts for an older weapon:  talking to Eldrad.  And Eldrad has a form now.  He’s a she!  She blames the humans for that shape, but she also says she did all this work to the benefit of her people, but others caused problems.  You know how it is.

Eldrad also has some mind-reading truth detector powers she keeps using on the Doctor.  She knows he’s a Time Lord, so he has an obligation to take her home.  He won’t take her back to the time she left, but he will take her there now.  Along the way, he even stops her from killing Professor Watson after Watson shot her.

She’s a Doctor Who villain.  Of course she’s bulletproof.

Anyway, it turns out Eldrad’s homeworld is kinda…dead.  The Doctor, Sarah Jane, and Eldrad go to a bunker of some kind, but while the Doctor and Sarah Jane converse a bit to the side, Eldrad opens a door.  And some spear hits her in the chest.

So, do we feel bad for her or not?  Is she a villain?  I can’t tell yet.

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