Doctor Who “The Hand Of Fear Part 2”

Well, Sarah Jane is sitting in a radiation-heavy room.  I guess I know why she’s leaving the show now!

Or not.

See, Sarah Jane did take that radiation-absorbing hand in there.  The Doctor, along with Dr. Carter, sneaks inside as alarms blare and most people run for cover.  Only Professor Watson, the guy who…



OK, I’ll worry about that later.

See, it turns out there’s a back door into the radiation room.  Watson thinks Sarah Jane is a suicidal lunatic because why else would she be in there?  You expect that man to believe in something screwy like alien mind control?  Because that only works on silly sci-fi TV shows.

However, the Doctor knows better.  Getting a camera onto Sarah Jane, all she keeps saying is “Eldrad must live.”  The Doctor figures he can get through to her through the back door.  But then Dr. Carter decides to go along.

Yeah, somehow he’s also chanting that Eldrad must live.  Then he falls off a high scaffold.  Oh well.

Shortly thereafter, the Doctor gets in to Sarah Jane.  He knocks her out and carries her away, making sure the hand is put somewhere safe.  Fortunately, the hand absorbed most of the radiation, so Sarah Jane and the Doctor are fine.

Unfortunately, Sarah Jane dropped the ring.  Sure, she’s out of it thanks to the Doctor’s use of hypnosis.  But then some guy in a radiation suit picks it up and the whole thing starts all over again.

So, yeah, the nuclear reactor may explode again.  The episode ends with the Doctor covering Sarah Jane in anticipation of that explosion…

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