Dark “Gestern Und Heute/Past And Present”

You know, I am starting to think Mikkel Nielsen isn’t very bright.

Let’s look at the facts.  In the previous episode, his teenage father told him off, and he saw a newspaper dated 1986.  Does he think it might really be 1986?  Apparently not because he goes inside the house he will grow up in and doesn’t realize all the home decor is different.  Additionally, the woman in there–his grandmother–tosses him out because he isn’t her missing son Mads.

Has Mikkel never met his grandma?  That’s possible, of course, but still.

Next, Mikkel goes to the local high school because he thinks his mother is in the principal there.  She isn’t.  In fact, it looks like her teenaged self meets him there and tells him off in the same way.

Mikkel’s next step is to try the local police station where his father will work.  The one cop there, Egon Tiedemann, openly scoffs at the idea that Ulrich Nielsen will ever work for the local cops.  He opts to go talk to Ulrich, assuming the young man just smacked Mikkel around or sent the boy there as a sick joke.  Apparently, Ulrich is the chief suspect in Mads’s disappearance.

As for Mikkel, it finally sinks in that he really is in 1986.  Officer Tiedemann sends the boy to the hospital to get his injuries checked out.  The nurse there, Ines Kahnwald, is kind enough that Mikkel tells her, and only her, that he’s from the future.  Later, Mikkel sneaks out and tries to time travel home through the cave.  That doesn’t really work, but his father in 2019 does hear Mikkel’s screams for help.

Mikkel might not be going home anytime soon.

So, any other stuff going on in 1986?  Well, there are lot of dead birds and sheep.  One Charlotte Tannhaus is looking into that.  She’ll be a Doppler in the future.  The Dopplers seem to work at the nuclear plant here.  Patriarch Bernd is handing the reins of power off to the first woman to run the place.  That would be Claudia Tiedemann, Egon’s daughter.  Claudia’s own daughter Regina cuts herself.  Bernd says something about barrels under the plant, the plant’s books are fakes, and it keeps the whole town employed.

As for Bernd’s son Helge, he gives Claudia a gift:  a book on time travel.


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