Doctor Who “The Masque Of Mandragora Part 3”

I make a rule that says I can’t watch a new episode of something until I’ve written up the previous episode.  When I wrote up episode one of this serial, I made a crack about how everyone in Renaissance Italy was speaking English.

And then, well, that became a plot point for part three.

I did not see that coming.

But first, we need to understand a fundamental rule of Doctor Who.  If there are two villains who aren’t working together, one will be much worse than the other.  So, in this serial, we have the Count, who is a dick, and Hieronymous, who seems to be working with the Helix thingee.

So, regular plotting Medieval baddie or guy working with alien intelligence for world domination?

Yeah, I think I know which is worse.

But for now, let’s see who may or may not capture the Doctor, Sarah Jane, and/or the Duke.  Sarah Jane is in Hieronymous’ hands, and good news, he doesn’t want to use Sarah Jane as a human sacrifice.  Instead, he’s going to hypnotize her into killing the Doctor.

As for the Doctor, he heads out to help the Duke drive some of the Count’s people away.

The long and the short of it is the Doctor finds Sarah Jane, and she asks why everyone sounds like they are speaking English.

And that, it turns out, was a plot point because it tells the Doctor that Sarah Jane isn’t herself.  See, normally, she wouldn’t ask such things for some reason.  So, that tipped the Doctor off.

And the Doctor is smart enough to know Hieronymous is the real enemy.  The Count, having captured, well, everybody, doesn’t think so.  But the Brethern are, like, everywhere.  So, taking the Doctor, some guards, and a disguise for everybody, the Count goes down into the catacombs to see the Brethern at work.

And there they are, with the Helix empowering Hieronymous and all his people.  The Count has seen enough, and because he’s an idiot, he attacks Hieronymous.  Except, well, unmasking the astrologer shows he’s all energy and no face.  And then he reduces the Count to ash.

See?  Inferior villain.

Oh, and the reason Sarah Jane can understand everyone is some sort of gift of the Time Lords.

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