Big Little Lies “The Bad Mother”

Well, it’s Jane’s turn to try reasoning with Mary Louise.  It goes about as well as it does with everyone else.  Cripes that woman has passive aggressive comments and dirt on just about everyone.  Maybe we should send her out to look into some unsolved murders not involving her son because she’d get results.  And it would keep her busy.

As it is, Jane had some good news in that Corey didn’t tell the cops anything.  She still wants to cool things off, and he’s less cool about it than he could be.  But c’mon man.  She has a good reason.

And if there is one positive bit of news, it’s that Ed and Madeline may be working things out.  They better.  There’s only one episode left, and we already have our soon-to-be-divorced couple waiting in the wings.

If you’re just joining this show, that would be Renata and Gordon.  Why are you just joining this show now?  There’s only 12 episodes before this one.  Go back and watch them, then come back.  This article will still be here.

OK, so, Renata, force of nature that she is, found out her public humiliation isn’t over.  What happened?  Oh, he had a fling with the live-in nanny and she wants some money for it.  Sure, she’s asking as discretely as possible, but only a fool wouldn’t read between the lines.  And yes, this came at a public hearing over debts.  How has Renata not murdered him by now?

But most of the episode is set in court as Mary Louise goes for custody of the twins.  Celeste is on the stand.  Mary Louise’s lawyer just…asks her about every potentially embarrassing thing that has happened since the first episode.  Like, everything.  It’s not good at all.  Heck, the lawyer even suggests Celeste murdered Perry.  Bonnie is right there, and she clearly wants to say something.

She will confess later…to her comatose mother.  Oh, she also doesn’t love her husband.  I’d say Nathan can’t catch a break, but he’s not very likable as it is.

Well, is there any silver lining to Celeste’s problems?  Oddly enough, yes.  She makes a few moves in court.  She wants Mary Louise to go on the stand too.  Her reasoning is if Mary Louise wants custody, she should also be questioned.  And, as a lawyer, she wants to ask her mother-in-law the questions personally.  Given what a mess she’s been in court, is this a good idea?

You know what?  I kinda think it is just to look at her in that last scene.

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