Doctor Who “The Brain Of Morbius Part 4”

My dad used to watch old Doctor Who episodes on PBS when I was a kid.  I didn’t much care for it then, but I do have a vague recollection of this episode.  There is a good reason for that since there’s a scene that, though I didn’t know it at the time, caused all kinds of Doctor Who continuity confusion.

Like continuity on this show is even a thing.

OK, so, good news/bad news time.  Good news:  Sarah can see again.

Bad news:  Morbius is walking around in a monster body, and he seems mostly inclined to kill and smash things.

Sarah Jane does a lot of running around, hiding, and generally avoiding the monster thing that was once the Time Lords’ greatest criminal master mind.  She gets some help from the Hook Hand Man who wasn’t so dead but is now.  Plus, she eventually gets away when Morbius attacks one of the women of the Sisterhood.  The space nun dies, but the Doctor and Solon manage to stun Morbius.

Now, the Doctor has been kinda bad about trusting people this whole serial.  He honestly thinks that Solon has seen the error of his ways and will destroy Morbius’ brain.  Meanwhile, Morbius explains the procedure isn’t done yet and the body only connects to Morbius’ pain centers.  The higher functions aren’t online yet.  Will Solon try to fix that or destroy the brain?

What do you think?

The Doctor knows when Solon locks the Doctor and Sarah Jane in a secret room to finish the procedure.

Fortunately, the Doctor is still a smart man, so he concocts some poison gas to flood Solon’s lab with in order to take out both Solon and Morbius.

Wait, did the Doctor just straight out murder a guy?  Because Solon totally dies.  Morbius not so much because that weird body of his has lungs to filter out the poison.

Of course, the artificial brain case also doesn’t take too well to thinking too much.  It could overheat and everything!  The only thing to do is for the Doctor to challenge Morbius to a mindbending contest.  Both men put their minds to work against each other in some machine and see who has the better brain.  And there’s a screen there that flashes the faces of the Doctor.  There’s the Fourth, obviously.  Oh, and the First, Second, and Third.  And then…wait, who are all those other guys?

Who fans have been trying to explain that one for years.  In reality, they were photos of people who worked on the show.

Anyway, Morbius loses and stumbles off, but the Doctor doesn’t do too well.  And since this is some kind of Frankenstein story, the Sisterhood shows up with torches (but sadly, no pitchforks) to drive Morbius off a cliff.  He was their great enemy, and now they know the Doctor is their friend.

As such, the elderly leader of the Sisterhood gives the last of her Elixir of Life to Sarah Jane in order to revive the Doctor.  The old woman dies, but the order lives on.  The Doctor also lives, so he gives the gift of what seems to be fireworks as he and Sarah Jane depart once more in the TARDIS.

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